IO Manuals

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 Alarm Display

  X2 & X8 Relay Alarm System

  X9 Explosion Proof System

  X11SN Solid State Annunciator

  X11CA Computer Annunciator Hardware

  X11CA Software Manual

  X11CA IM Manual

  X12 & X16 Split Architecture Annunciator

  X100 Contact Monitor

  X100N Ultra Alarm Fault Recorder

  X110 Serial Input Visual Annunciator

  X120 Multiplexer



 Leak Detection

  X76-4X & X76AST-4X


  X76CTM Tank Monitoring System

  X76ETM Leak Detection System

  X76 Leak Detector

  X76S Leak Detector Monitor System

  X76VS Leak Detector Monitor














Measurements Products

Basic Radiation Safety Manual - General License

Basic Radiation Safety Manual - Specific License

X90 Programmable Point Level Manual

X96S Continuous Level

X96S Density Gauge 

X96S Mass Flow Gauge

X96S Mold Level Gauge

X96S Point Level Gauge

X96S Weight Measurement System

XSD1000 Scrap Monitoring System




I/O Products

  X25 Motion Detector

  X51 Adj. Ramp Buffer

  X51 Computations Transmitter

  X51 Dual Channel Transmitter

  X51 Frequency




  X51N-472 Linear Integrator Transmitter

  X51N Dual Output, Dual Channel, RTD Transmitters

  X51N Linear

  X51N RTD

  X51N TC mv ma

  X54 Frequency Transmitter

  X54 Thermocouple Transmitter

  X54-200 Transmitter

  X54-201LSR Transmitter

  X55-300 P to I Converters

  X55-302 P to I Converters

  X55-600 I to P Transducers

  X80 Signal Indicator


  X87 Process Monitor

  X88 Calibrator 
























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